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Current Lineup

Alpine Beer Company - Nelson
Style: Rye IPA
ABV: 7.00%     IBU: 50.0

An outstanding hop from New Zealand, Nelson Sauvin, is generously used throughout the brewing and dry-hopping of this unique beer. European rye is added for a smooth, malty addition to flavor.
Altamont Beer Works - Nutty Operator
Style: Oatmeal Stout
ABV: 5.80%     IBU:

Nutty Operator is a peanut butter version of Smooth Operator; a smooth, rich, full-bodied oatmeal stout. Heavy on the oats and chocolate malt, this complex beer balances out with a medium roast character, followed by huge flavors and aromas of peanut butter; like drinking a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.
Altamont Beer Works - Rich Mahogany
Style: Red Ale
ABV: 6.20%     IBU: 50.0

An American Red Ale, brewed for the sophistication of anchorman Ron Burgundy. Deep in a rich mahogany color, balanced maltiness, followed by a pronounce hop character. A pungent hop aroma and flavor is delivered by the use of Columbus, Summit, and Cascade hops; followed by a medium bitterness.
Anchor Brewing - Christmas Ale
Style: Spiced Beer
ABV: 6.75%     IBU:

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: our 2017 Christmas Ale officially hits shelves today! For our 43rd annual release of this Anchor tradition, our brewers created a smooth and creamy winter warmer with rich flavors of cacao, toffee, and roasted nuts, plus subtle hints of honey and herbal spice.
Angry Orchard - Rose
Style: Cider
ABV: 4.80%     IBU:

Brewed with cold pressed red flesh apples to give it a bright pink appearance with a hint of sweetness and rose dryness.
Barrel House Brewing Co. - Sunny Daze
Style: Blonde
ABV: 5.20%     IBU: 10.0

We crafted this refreshing Citrus Blonde Ale with Clementine oranges to pair with our sunny California days. Since its debut, people can’t get enough of this smooth nectar. Grab a bottle or pint of Sunny Daze and venture off the beaten path. Cheers!
Barrel House Brewing Co. - Sweet Tart
Style: Sour
ABV: 5.00%     IBU: 12.0

A collaboration with Castoro Winery for their Whale Rock music festival. Lager with Malbec grapes and hibiscus flowers. Light acidity with fruity floral aromatics makes this beer very refreshing and unique.
Belching Beaver - Peanut Butter Milk Stout -- NITRO
Style: Milk Stout
ABV: 5.30%     IBU:

Our Peanut Butter Milk Stout is simply irresistible. It's like dark chocolate Reese's in a glass! Rolled oats and Lactose add to the creamy body of this beer while aromas of roasted peanuts chocolate greet you with every sip.
Belching Beaver Brewery - Swerve City
Style: American IPA
ABV: 7.20%     IBU: 40.0

Introducing Swerve City, our 2nd release in partnership with Deftones. Swerve City IPA captures the tropical vibes of POG juice. With the classic combination of passion fruit, orange and guava, it’s like summertime in a bottle!
Boochcraft - Grapefruit Hibiscus Heather
Style: Kombucha
ABV: 7.00%     IBU:

Sour and tangy grapefruit juice with an underlying sweetness blends perfectly with our signature kombucha. Hibiscus adds a cranberry tart yet rich flavor and adds a beautiful pink color while heather brings a subtle sweet floral aroma.
Dogfish Head Brewery - 90 Minute IPA
Style: Imperial IPA
ABV: 9.00%     IBU: 90.0

Esquire Magazine calls our 90 Minute I.I.PA., "perhaps the best I.P.A. in America." An Imperial I.P.A. brewed to be savored from a snifter. A big beer with a great malt backbone that stands up to the extreme hopping rate. This beer is an excellent candidate for use with Randall The Enamel Animal!
Fuller's - London Porter
Style: Porter
ABV: 5.40%     IBU:

Fuller’s London Porter, is widely regarded as the World’s Finest Porter: having won awards all over the world. Rich, dark and complex, at 5.4% ABV the beer has an outstanding depth of flavour. It is brewed from a blend of Brown, Crystal and Chocolate malts for a creamy delivery balanced by traditional Fuggles hops.
Half Acre Beer Co. - Fader
Style: Pilsner
ABV: 5.00%     IBU:

Brewed in purist spirit, the beer rests on legs of German malted Pilsner and Vienna malt, with kettle additions of Tettnanger, Tradition, and Czech Saaz, fermented with a classic Bavarian lager yeast.
High Water Brewing - Campfire Stout
Style: Stout
ABV: 6.50%     IBU: 39.0

Campfire Stout evokes fond memories of wilderness and camping adventures. Notes of chocolate and graham cracker topped with a hint of marshmallow will leave you wanting s’more. Like any campfire experience, this beer is best shared with a warm circle of family and friends.
JP DasBrew - Triple Blitz
Style: Black IPA
ABV: 12.00%     IBU: 93.0

Espresso-chocolate malt explosion! This 12% ABV ale is big on dark malt flavors and big on hops. A twist of lemon in the finish courtesy of generous Cascade dry-hopping. Triple Blitz is a bold, powerful beer with a very balanced flavor. Pairs exceptionally well with dark chocolate.
Knee Deep Brewing Co. - Breaking Bud
Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 6.50%     IBU: 50.0

At 50 IBU’s and 6.7% ABV, Breaking Bud features the restrained bitterness and alcohol of a classic IPA with newer tropical fruit hop flavors and aromas of Mosaic. Also in the hop mix are Simcoe and CTZ, creating layers of mango, passion fruit, pine and dank. A malt bill with a pinch of crystal malt and a hefty dose of flaked wheat keeps the beer crisp while adding flavor complexity.
Lagunitas Brewing Co. - Born Again Yesterday 2018
Style: American Pale Ale
ABV: 7.20%     IBU: 55.0

It's the Holy Grail pursuit of brewing in hoppy beer making: year-round wet hop flavor. Questing has no end and we are still tweaking our process but we hope you find this mid-summer anachronism to be satisfying as we do.
Laughing Monk Brewing - Third Circle
Style: Belgian Tripel
ABV: 8.70%     IBU: 28.0

Bright gold with a rich and full white head. Aromas of cumin and coriander with a slight toasted bread character. Balanced spice notes accompany the dried fruit flavors of pear and grapefruit. Clean and dry finish with a slightly acidic tone. Well balanced Tripel for the any season.
Lead Dog Brewing - Redding with Love
Style: New England IPA
ABV: 7.20%     IBU: 35.0

Lead Dog Brewing - Secret Stash
Style: New England IPA
ABV: 6.50%     IBU: 40.0

X marks the spot on this awesome sea of citra. We took our flagship Citra Solo IPA recipe and hazed it to death. The result was a delectable, smooth bed of pineapple and mango to satisfy all your senses. Enjoy one after another thanks to a moderate ABV.
Lost Coast Brewery - Tangerine Wheat
Style: Hefeweizen
ABV: 5.00%     IBU: 14.0

A refreshing citrus ale, Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat combines our Lost Coast Harvest Wheat with natural tangerine flavors. Brewed with a combination of wheat and crystal malts, and finished with Perle hops.
Lost Coast Brewery - Tangerine Wheat
Style: Hefeweizen
ABV: 5.00%     IBU: 14.0

A refreshing citrus ale, Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat combines our Lost Coast Harvest Wheat with natural tangerine flavors. Brewed with a combination of wheat and crystal malts, and finished with Perle hops.
Shadow Puppet Brewing - Lush Nectar
Style: New England IPA
ABV: 6.30%     IBU: 38.0

A hazy New England style IPA with low bitterness and tons of juicy citrus notes from the abundant El Dorado and Amarillo hops.
Wyder's Cider - Berry Burst
Style: Cider
ABV: 4.80%     IBU: 2.0

Beginning with a mouthwatering raspberry essence, this cider is light in body with a sparkling finish.