Amber Ale
New Belgium Brewing - Fat Tire
Style: Amber
ABV: 5.20%      IBU: 22.0
35% Remaining

Named in honor of our co-founder's bike trip through Europe, Fat Tire Amber Ale marks a turning point in the young electrical engineer's home brewing. Belgian beers use a far broader palette of ingredients (fruits, spices, esoteric yeast strains) than German or English styles.
Tröegs Independent Brewing - Double Nugget Nectar (2024)
Style: amber ale
ABV: 9.50%      IBU: 0.0
54% Remaining

Let's take Nugget and double it. Well, it wasn't quite that easy, but it sure was a fun balancing act. To start, we boosted the Simcoe, and this complex hop's notes of apricot, peach rings and bright citrus are the star of the show. Azacca enters the picture to add hints of juicy orchard fruit, and Munich malt brings a bready sweetness. To strike a balancing note, Columbus joins Nugget hops, grounding this limited release with a layer of dank pine.
Downeast Cider House - Pomegranate Blend
Style: Cider
ABV: 5.30%      IBU: 0.0
79% Remaining

Aldus Brewing Company - Chocolate Covered Pretzel
Style: wheat beer
ABV: 6.30%      IBU: 5.0
98% Remaining

Everything you love about the pretzel, now with chocolate!
India Pale Ale
Deschutes Brewery - Fresh Squeezed IPA
Style: American IPA
ABV: 6.40%      IBU: 60.0
80% Remaining

A juicy citrus and grapefruit flavor profile. As if fresh Citra and Mosaic hops were squeezed straight into the bottle. Don't worry, no fruit was harmed in the making of this beer.
Dogfish Head Brewery - 60 Minute IPA
Style: American IPA
ABV: 6.00%      IBU: 60.0
68% Remaining

60 Minute is brewed with a slew of great Northwest hops. A powerful but balanced East Coast IPA with a lot of citrusy hop character, it's the session beer for hardcore enthusiasts!
Elysian Brewing Co. - Space Dust
Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 8.20%      IBU: 73.0
19% Remaining

The hopping is pure starglow energy, with Chinook to bitter and late and dry additions of Citra and Amarillo.
Fat Head's Brewery - Groovy Juice
Style: American IPA
ABV: 7.10%      IBU: 65.0
71% Remaining

Juicy. Hoppy. Groovy. Our hazy IPA gets your groove on the move and satisfies your haze craze for dayz. Light in color, with a luscious, soft body. Enormous juicy and tropical notes of passion fruit, melon and mango from Mosaic, Citra and Azzacca hops excite the palette to make this a dangerously drinkable Hazy IPA. Turn on, tune out, and sip the sky.
Generic - Generic
Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 8.00%      IBU: 50.0
100% Remaining

A generic beer waiting for go-live.
La Cabra Brewing - Hipster Catnip
Style: American IPA
ABV: 7.20%      IBU: 0.0
94% Remaining

Hipster Catnip brings flavors of tropical fruit sweetness with the bitter pine hops upfront and grapefruit and orange throughout. Juice, juniper and resin come together in an unlikely marriage of East and West Coast styles.
Levante Brewing Company - Tickle Parts
Style: Hazy IPA
ABV: 7.10%      IBU: 0.0
55% Remaining

Tickle Parts is an exceptionally dry-hopped New England IPA, with low bitterness, rising hop aroma and a feathery-soft mouthfeel. Further enhancing Tickle Parts' pineapple and clementine juices on the pallets, waves of guava puree burst into existence, dialing up the already juicy sweet and tropical flavors to a new extreme.
Lord Hobo Brewing Co. - Boom Sauce
Style: Imperial IPA
ABV: 7.80%      IBU: 78.0
61% Remaining

Our flagship IPA features six hop varietals and a blend of spelt, oat and wheat. A late hop addition of Mosaic, Falconer’s Flight and Amarillo delivers a notable citrus and tropical fruit finish.
New Trail Brewing Co. - Broken Heels
Style: New England IPA
ABV: 7.00%      IBU: 0.0
79% Remaining

Broken Heels is a “Hazy” India Pale Ale. Brewed with oats and pilsner malts and hopped aggressively with an assortment of newer American grown hops in the Pacific Northwest. This beer has a full mouthfeel with low bitterness meant to be soft on the palette. High aromatics lead the consumer through a treasure trove of their favorite tropical fruits and wanting more of the very quaffable beer.
Singlecut Beersmiths - 18-Watt IPA
Style: Session IPA
ABV: 5.00%      IBU: 72.0
97% Remaining

THE REDEFINITION OF THE SESSION IPA. Orange zest, pine resin and tropical lupulin beauty that easily rivals much bigger IPAs, with a substantially full, soft malt body that compliments but doesn’t interfere with the hop attack. When you want the push, weight, and attack of a much heavier (I)IPA but need to be productive tomorrow – One of our proudest accomplishments.
Troegs Brewing - Nimble Giant
Style: Double IPA
ABV: 9.00%      IBU: 69.0
42% Remaining

"Without sway, there can be no balance." Our Double IPA gracefully boasts grapefruit rind, pineapple and honeysuckle notes with a hint of earthy forest floor. Behold the wonder!
Zero Gravity Craft Brewery - Conehead
Style: American IPA
ABV: 5.70%      IBU: 49.0
53% Remaining

Our single hop IPA, brewed with all Citra hops. Lighter in color and lower in ABV than a typical American IPA, this beer has just the right amount of hop flavor and aroma. Completely satisfyingly awesome in its crispiness and well-rounded hopaliciousness. This beer might just be your Rushmore.
Brooklyn Brewery - Brooklyn Amber Lager
Style: Amber Lager
ABV: 5.20%      IBU: 0.0
45% Remaining

Molly Pitcher Brewing Company - Peanut Butter Porter
Style: Porter
ABV: 5.00%      IBU: 40.0
82% Remaining

well crafted beer company - Blonde Americano W/ Caramel DeLites
Style: Coffee Stout
ABV: 5.80%      IBU: 0.0
57% Remaining

Our crowd favorite conditioned on loads of Caramel deLites!